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Stars & Stripes In Leather 2017
July 7 - 9!

Our 2016 run is over, and registration is closed.  Watch this page for more information, we'll update it with information about the 2017 event as soon as we are able to!


 As always - we use Online Registration so we can streamline On-site Check In and have an accurate head count for meal planning.  There will be NO on-site registrations sold.

With the changes, we hope to have check in set up so you just show us your ID to prove you are the person who registered, and we give you your run badge and goodies, and you're on your way with minimal paperwork to fill out on-site!


This is a private, pre-registered event.  Tarheel Leather Club, Inc, reserves the right to screen attendees, and to refuse entrance to anyone they feel will be a danger or detriment to the safety of the event and/or to the enjoyment of other attendees.  Anyone who has their registration rejected by the run committee will receive a full refund of their registration fees.
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