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Individual & Group Sponsors

The Tarheels are doing things a little differently this year to encourage more individual and group sponsorship.  As always, Sponsors will receive acknowledgement and advertising on our website and advertising space in our Run Book.

Level of 
Level of Sponsorship: Sponsors will receive:
Orca Sponsor - $750.00
Be one (Killer) WHALE of a

2 Sponsor packages + 4 Guest of Sponsor 
packages + an inside cover ad (if available)
or a full page color ad + a discount code for
25% off the cost of the run for up to 4
additional individual weekend packages.  

Minimum retail value of this package
is $850.00.

Cannonball Sponsor - $500.00
You'll make a HUGE Splash!
1 Sponsor package + 3 Guest of Sponsor
packages + a full page ad + a discount code 
for 25% off the cost of the run for up to 4
additional individual weekend packages.  

Retail value of this package is $610.00.
Deep Dive Sponsor - $250.00
Take the PLUNGE!  You know you want to.
1 Sponsor package + 1 Guest of Sponsor
package  + a 1/2 page ad + a discount code
for 25% off the cost of the run for up to 2
additional individual weekend packages.  

Retail value of this package is $315.00.
Beach Umbrella Sponsor - $125.00
Grab your drink, head to the
pool, and chill in the shade.
1 Sponsor package + a 1/4 page ad + 
a discount code for 25% off the cost of 
the run for up to 2 additional individual 
weekend packages.  

Retail value of this package is $195.00.
Friend Of A Free Willy!

Can't attend the run, or don't want to
bother with providing us with advertising
material?  Finances a little tight?

Become a Friend of A Free Willy! 
These donations will be earmarked to go
directly to Triad Health Project. Any
amount, large or small, will be appreciated and acknowledged.

Individual and Group Sponsorships for 2017 will be available soon!

Event function sponsorship is easy, with many options available.  We have sponsorship opportunities that fit your needs and budget! Donations of material, food, supplies, or equipment may be made in lieu of monetary donations.  Function and room sponsorships can be individually tailored - please contact our Sponsor coordinator - tidbit - or our RunMaster - for details!  

See our 2016 Sponsors if you would like some ideas for areas of the run you can sponsor.  


 The Tarheel Leather Club would like to thank our event sponsors for Stars & Stripes 2016:

Men Only Play Space -
Charlotte Tradesmen

Women Only Play Space - 
Onyx Pearls Southeast

Onyx Pearls


Honey Badger (Pansexual) Play Space:  
Lenoir Area Group 

Lenoir Area Group

Play Space Equipment provided by:  DebaucheryNC!


Greensboro, NC
 A pansexual, sex-positive, educational event.

Debauchery would like to thank all of the attendees of the 2016 event who made it such a success.  We invite you back for more debauchery in 2017!  Watch for details!

Meal Sponsor
(Saturday Lunch & Dinner 

The Venue


Meal Sponsor
(Friday Night Dinner 

House of Khaos
Mad Hatter Tea Sponsored by:
Appalachian Gypsy Soap

Appalachian Gypsy Soap

Deep Dive Sponsor:
NCMaster's Leather Family

NCMaster's Leather Family

Deep Dive Sponsor:
Asian Healing Arts

Asian Healing Arts


Deep Dive Sponsors:

Lenoir Area Group  -  AND  -  Kinky Catawba

Lenoir Area Group          Kinky Catawba

Beach Umbrella Sponsor:
Charlotte Area Power EXchange



Beach Umbrella Sponsor: 
Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum


Entertainment Sponsors (multiple available)

Hospitality Suite

If you would like to become a sponsor for other run functions, please contact:  starsnstripes@tarheelleatherclub.org

The Tarheels are delighted to call "The Q" our Home Bar!

The Q Lounge

708 W Market St. Greensboro, NC 27401


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